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Lifestyle Classes

We curate lifestyle classes for you to enjoy in farm setting!  

(this page is under construction - we have more class to list!) 

Pickle me!

Learn the basics of food preservation by pickling! You will learn to make your own pickling solutions and creatively pickle your favorite vegetables!

Let's Jam & Jell

Want to learn how to make your very own jams and jelly with twist of creativity? This is the perfect fun class for you!

Basics of Gardening

This class is perfect if you want to start a gardening hobby!

What our customers are saying

If you are looking for a fun and quality lifestyle class in the farm, check out MoCA Family Farm!  Lots of fun, innovative and exciting ideas. You will bring home new skills and know-how to enjoy with your family.  I suggest bring with you couple friends when you book a lifestyle class and have lots of fun!  

M. Sanchez - satisfied guest and training participant.

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