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Batuan Flavor Mix

Our Batuan Flavor Mix is perfect for sinigang, kansi and other dishes.  Batuan fruit is native to the Philippines and is an old-time favorite for dishes that requires that distinct sour flavor.


Reseller's Package of Batuan Flavor Mix 

Our Batuan Wholesale/Reseller's Package is popular for restaurants and eateries who serve dishes using Batuan Flavor Mix regularly.  We also support small and micro entrepreneurs who are into reselling business.


Galangal (Alpinia galanga) Rhizomes planting materials

Galangal (or langkawas) is referred sometimes as the other ginger.  Both are rhizomes like the turmeric but those in culinary, describes galangal to have a sharp citrusy, almost piney flavor. Ginger on the other hand is pungently spicy, and barely sweet, while turmeric gives that bright yellow color in food. So don’t use them interchangeably in cooking!


5 pcs. of rhizomes

Pure Peppercorn (Paminta) 

100% pure peppercorn from Vilela's Farm, where it is grown and harvested. Pamintang buo as we refer to it is most commonly used as a seasoning or crust that adds a robust spice to some of our favorite foods.


2 pcs of 50g (total 100g)

Do you want whole beans? Ground beans? Do you want a blend of coffee beans? 

We belief that coffee is best enjoyed in variety of ways! In the province known for its coffee, we can customize your coffee for you.

Drop us a message. 

₱ it's worth it!

Corn Grain (Rice), Corn Grits & Corn Flour

Are you crazy about corn breads> Want to make your sumptous corn grits? Or replace your rice with corn grains?  We source our corn from our partner corn growers from Batangas.  

Drop us a message if you want to place an order.

₱ its worth it! 

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