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Our Consultancy Services

Our team have more than 20 years of combined experiences in the areas of technical, educational and enterprepreneurial activities in family farming. We offer consultancy and  project development on the following areas

Drip Irrigation

Our team has done several drip irrigation projects and partnership work. We have also a nationally registered training program on drip irrigation; where learners and your farm team can learn to design, install and maintain a drip irrigation set-up.

Educational Programming

We are experienced educators and we belong to community of international extension professionals. We have existing nationally approved training programs and we also curate trainings based on needs assessment and customize it according to your agrienterprise needs.   


Family farming is a lifestyle and it has maintenance costs. Use your existing family farm as your primary resources and create the right agribusiness opportunity that fits you and your family.  Learn from our blueprint for family farming and will guide you to create yours!

Small Farm Management

Small Farm management requires multi-skills from family farmers. Farm operations must revolve around your farm activities and there is no "one size fits all" strategy.  Understanding the scope of operations management is important to plan, lead, organize and control. 

Book our Service Offerings

We now offer booking for lifestyle classes and consultation services! Choose one that interests you.

Attend Lifestyle Classes


Per participant/per class

On-farm lifestyle classes 

(see schedule for choices)

1/2 day session

With Farm Snacks & Lunch

Training Materials included

Minimum of 5 participants 

to book a class

Book an Online Consultation 


Per Session

Best for those considering Family Farming lifestyle or exploring potentials for sustainable farm enterprise .

1- 1.5 hrs session

Online Pre-evaluation Questionaire

50% discount on suceeding online consultation

25% discount on follow-up 

On-farm Consultation

Book an On-farm Consultation


Per Session

Best for seriously exploring economic potentials pf family farming and at the same time enjoy the lifestyle of family farming in rural communities.

2-3 hrs session

MOCA Family Farm's

Tour & Small Farm Operations Orientation

Includes lunch for 3 people

Gift Basket from Moca Family Farm

Recent trainings:

Drip Irrigation Technology 

We have designed this training for learners to understand how to design and to gain skills on installation and maintenance of their own drip irrigation system.

Food Preservation & Product Development 

This training will provide you with the basics of food preservation. Product development is integrated in this training to teach learners to creatively preserve their food using different design elements in food processing. 

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